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So what is la República de Texas all about?

We are a Foundation for the literacy of disadvantaged children on the West Texas/Mexico border.

What makes children on the West Texas/Mexico border disadvantaged?

Three things mainly:

1. Lack of access to technology including Wifi.
2. Accessibility to secondary education.
3. Lack of access to money/resources.

Some of the goals we have include business development courses, specialized skills in Computer Technology, skilled trades such as Food and Beverage/Hotel Management, Auto Mechanics, Architecture, Sustainable Living, Home Goods/Arts & Crafts.

Our goals include to provide students laptop computers and tablet devices and to teach them a variety of computing skills so that they can be self-sufficient.

Advanced skills will involve teaching Leadership skills, Critical Thinking in Business, Evaluating Markets for new opportunities and more.

Wifi internet access will be provided complimentary to anyone visiting the campus.

la República de Texas also plans on hosting an online digital library, a café open to the public, and a medical clinic.

Being that our primary goal is Community Development, we will host mini-camps for guest speakers to come and inspire.

Another goal is to provide a Small Business Incubation Center for all residents in the area as well as a co-working space to collaborate on projects for the betterment of the community.

We will also teach English and Spanish. Texas has become a bi-lingual State. And to be able to communicate in both English and Spanish will be a great asset.

Our long term goals, we believe, that by better education and better access to technology, we expect to decrease drug-trafficking and human-trafficking on both sides of the border, and to bring two cultures together for better relationships, to share experiences, and respect differences.

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la República de Texas
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